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Ron Bunzl

Growing up and becoming an adult in New York, Boston and San Francisco in the the midst of the social, cultura, and spiritual revolution of the 60’s, Ron has long experience on the paths of self-connection, the exploration of consciousness, and the relational and social consequences of this work.


Artist, musician, dancer, director and choreographer of magical dance theater productions, filmmaker, sound healer, mentor, creativity coach, and teacher, Ron has devopted his life to the Art Of Living.


He has much experience with psychedelics, space holding, and the creation of ceremonies.  

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My Story

Ron Bunzl is an artistic director, theater director/choreographer, circus-theater director, documentary film maker, facilitator, mentor and creativity coach who has been working with individuals, groups and communities since the mid-1980s.

His unique work is a fusion of an interdisciplinary artistic approach, experiential psychology and spiritual practice.


He founded and directed, Cloud Chamber (1985 - 2001), an internationally successful dance-theatre company, and Voices Of The City (2002 - 2016), an interdisciplinary performance and social arts company.   


Since 2016, The Power Of Stories has become the focus of his work. This is a methodology based on the awareness that the human capacity to invent, develop and share stories is central to our individual and collective realisation and evolution. This work with body, mind and spirit places particular emphasis on our creative potential for transformation and leadership.


His project LALA [life arts learning academy] is inspired by the vision that everyone is an artist whose work of art is the life he/she leads.


Since 2020 he is Culture and Communication Lead at the ASHA community project in Tuscany, Italy, and is a senior trainer of the Inner Journey program of the Alchemy Of Breath Academy.

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